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Thank you for visiting YogyaHandicraft.com, Your choice is very right to choose us as your partner business. In addition, if any product in our site interests you particularly, please contact us for more information or pictures. The images in show our standard products but we are also able to manufacture any variations or special orders on demand.


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On here you will find wholesale prices of Wooden Chess Sets, Wooden Toys, Wooden Rocking Horse, Quality Trophies, Mini Guitar, Miniature Drum, Photo Album , Totem , Wooden Vase , Umbrela Stand, Food Plate, Ethnic Mask, Candle Stand, Mini Surfboard, Miniature Guitar, Burn Bamboo, Banana Leaf, Coconut shell, Photo Frame, Calendar, Sandals, Rocking Horse, Mirror, Paper Flower, Wall Clock, Lantern, CD Rack, Xmas Tree, Aromatherapy, Butterfly, Wooden Duck, Miniature Furniture, Mushroom Animal, Product Silver, Puppet Shadow, Wooden Puzzle, Statue, Wind Chimes, Wooden Cat, Wooden Plane Gifts, Souvenirs, Indoor & Outdoor Decor, Wholesale handicrafts, Handicrafts and more

If you have further comments on any of product, price and service issue, please don't be hesitated to let us know. Every of your feedback will be greatly appreciated. And hope we can build a long term business relationship in the near future.


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