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Starting clockwise from my purse in the lower right corner and spiraling towards the center:

1. My Bagallini purse, lightweight and roomy
2. 6 lipsticks
3. Assorted receipts
4. Business cards from my neighborhood coffee shop for people who ask "Where can I get a good cup of coffee around here?"
5. Note to myself
6. Free beer coupon from a local craft brewery (don't you love Pittsburgh?)
7. Coupons
8. Notice from post office of a parcel to pick up
9. Kleenex
10. Cough drop
11. Pen that doesn't write too well
12. Hair elastic
13. Loose change
14. Credit cards, membership cards, store loyalty cards
15. Money (mostly dollar bills)
16. ID wallet with drivers licence, AAA card, and health cards
17. Business card from my dentist which holds dental floss
18. Mirror
19. Cell phone and hands free earpiece
20. Earrings
Date: 2006-05-19 00:18:23

purse contents What's in my bag

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Phew, I don't feel so bad now for carrying half a dozen lipsticks. Earings everywhere, a couple of bracelets too. But I have a bagpack ... so add to yours some mags, water bootle, chocolate, snack bars ... even apples. Laugh, welcome to woman on the go.
MaayanG 2006-05-24 18:28:18
all I can say is -- you have more moxie than I to share the contents of your bag!!
I can show the work locker -- because that's work.
but if the bag were exposed, I'd really look silly for having more than 100 items along with me!
and your lips must look fabulous!!!
ShimmeeGrrl 2006-05-25 21:40:25
@ Maayan: Never too many lipsticks. Ever.

@: ShimmeeGrrl: Just because I carry lipsticks doesn't mean I use them! ;-) but I do. I'd love to see your bag contents.
LydiaL 2006-10-16 05:58:05

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